Rocket Espresso Boxer – 2 Group Espresso Machine With Shot Timer


The Rocket Boxer 2 Group Espresso Machine is great where space is of a premium and performance is still required. Visit the showroom to see this machine on display.

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We also have rental/hire options that also includes maintenance and support.

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Rocket Espresso Boxer – 2 Group Espresso Machine With Shot Timer

A smaller sized machine for those businesses where space is a premium, drawing on over sized boiler capacities that will cope with any peak service demand.

BOXER is a premium compact machine combing the specifications necessary to produce espresso without compromise yet retaining both the style and finish not normally found in the compact machine market.

Contemporary design, BOXER performance, Rocket Espresso.

Shot Timer and High Cup version.



  • Full size espresso machine with reduced footprint
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics
  • Thermosiphon system (HX)
  • Stainless steel bodywork (AISI 304) with aluminium side panels
  • Best quality copper boiler
  • Cool to touch stainless steel steam wands (2)
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Automatic back-flush cycle
  • Shot timers (NEW)